Meet NextCharge

The last payments partner you’ll ever need.
As a payments technology company, NextCharge has brought cutting-edge innovation to the market through CardConnect, solidifying its high rank within the payments industry. Starting with patented payment security solutions and a proprietary gateway and API, NextCharge makes payments simple, integrated and secure. Even better? NextCharge provides an unparalleled level of data breach protection and full escape from the burden of PCI compliance with its point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization solution.

Strategic Partnerships

Our ultimate goal is to drive exciting new products and solutions into the marketplace.

Financial Institutions

Revenue Sharing Alliance (RSA) and Referral Bank Partnership Program that helps you build stronger and more valuable relationships with your customers.

ECommerce Solutions

We help businesses optimize revenue enhancing the customer experience across global channels.

National Chains

Whether you own a supermarket, restaurant, gas station, convenience store or retail location, our National Merchant Services payment experts understand your industry. We can help you achieve more sales by accepting a variety of payment types quickly, reliably and securely.

With every account, you will receive access to the following solutions at no additional cost.