Omni-Channel Capabilities

Our gateway was specifically designed to integrate various payment acceptance methods into one, single solution that offers incomparable interchange optimization.

Dual-Layer Security

The CardConnect Gateway minimizes the burden of PCI compliance with CardSecureĀ®, our patented solution that instantly encrypts and tokenizes cardholder data.

Developer Approved

Our gateway consists of easy-to-use REST-ful APIs that accommodate PHP, JSON/JavaScript, Java, and Ruby, allowing payment acceptance into any proprietary or third-party application.

Save Money

The CardConnect Gateway was configured with interchange optimization in mind and passes both Level II and Level III data. As a result, you will receive the lowest possible rate for each transaction.

Virtual Terminal

Make your computer the most powerful POS system on the market

Accept credit cards and eChecks anytime, anywhere with our easy to use, browser-based app for payment processing. Take orders over the phone or swiping with an integrated USB magstripe reader.

Our virtual terminal automatically processes Level II & III data, minimizing interchange fees. With custom profiles for each customer and the ability to store multiple cards, complete transaction history is at your fingertips.Ā  With CardConnect’s patented P2PE, data is encrypted upon swipe or key entry, ensuring security and it’s plug-and-play!